Inden du kan få en god oplevelse med havørredfiskerietpå Fyn, er det vigtigt at udstyret er i orden.

Du skal have den rigtige påklædning, for at kunne holde fugt og kulde væk, når du time efter time står i bølgerne på jagt efter sølvtøjet.

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

Tackle for Seatrout Fishing.

A little guide for coastal fishing for sea trout. Spin- and fly fishing

Spin- and fly fishing

Tackle for coastal fly fishing for sea trout

Flyrods of 9-10`in AFTM classes 5-7 will cover all types of weather, and the lighter rods will make the flyfishing and the fights with fish a lot more fun. The 7weight rod you will probably use only on days when heavy winds and big waves hit you from the wrong angle. The 5 and 6weight rods can be used under most conditions and a fast actioned rod will make the flyfishing a joy on the coasts of Funen.

We recommend shooting heads or WF lines with short heads combined with a tapered leader of 9-12`(2,75-3,60 meters) with a tip of 0,25mm – 0,28mm.

For 80% of the year, we use floating lines, but in the cold months and on days with big waves, intermidiate lines can be an advantage, as you will fish a little bit deeper, and in the big waves, you will have a little bit better contact to your fly and make you feel the take better.

Always use a stripping basket for flyfishing on the coast, as it will help you controll your running line and you avoid having the line tangled in weed and rocks on the coast. An added advantage is that you get longer cast when you controll the line.

But you should also remember that short cast also catch fish, as many fish move within 15 meters from the shoreline.


Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

The 5 best Flies for the seatrout fishing.


Wiggel Worm

Polar Magnus



Spinning tackle - for coastal fly fishing for sea trout

Fishing with spinning tackle can be extremely effective and a lot of fun when you balance your tackle right.Too many fishermen fish with much too heavy and stiff rods with casting weights from 15-40 grammes. This is much too heavy for our fish and fishing here. ”Fishing Lodge Funen” recommend spinning rods of 9-91/2`with a casting weight of max 25 grammes and preferably 4 pc, so you can take it in your sling pack if you also flyfish.

The ideal spinning rod is a 9`rod with a casting weight of 7-22 grammes. This rod will work in all conditions when you go spinnfishing for seatrout.

The very light rods and the light casting weights make spinnfishing a whole day a joy and a pleasure. If you choose to combine your spinnfishing with bombarda and fly, you will do well with a rod that is a little longer, 91/2 – 10`in order to work well with a long tapered leader of 12`(3,5 meters).

When you catch fish of 45-50cm, you will experience almost explosive fights on this tackle and that will make your fishing holiday on Funen a memory for life. And the light tackle will still handle the big seatrout of 5-7 kilos that are caught every year on the coasts of Funen.

The fishing reel must hold 150-175 meters of braided line in 0,12 -0,15 mm and the reel could well be of a good quality, so you avoid noise from the reel and bad ”birds nests” with the modern super strong braided lines.

A day on the coast without problems from the reel, and surrounded by hungry seatrout, that is the direct road to ”Fishing Feaver”.

The terminal tackle is one of the vital points of the fishing and here we can recommend 5 top lures, which are sure to bring you success during your stay here. The modern ”in line” lures will rotate away from the fish when you make a spin-stop and this is often the point where the take will come. This is a feature that standard lures do not possess. Use small trebles for the optimal hooking powers. Also these hooks inflict minimal damage to the fish.

Landing Nets

We recommend the use of a knotless landingnet, preferably with a rubbernet. Land and keep the fish in the water to avoid unnecessary damage to the fish. Do not drag the fish on the shore if you intend to return it.

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

Endegrej til kystspin:

LT Savage Gear Seeker 13 – 18 grammes.

LT Savage Gear Sandeel 11 – 19 grammes.

The Stripper Lure 12 – 15 grammes

This is Kent Andersens local classic lure.

HotShot SD In Line 12- 18 grammes

This is Kent Andersens local classic lure.

Horny Herring 13 grammes.

Prepared for coastal sea trout fishing

”Fishing Lodge Funen” has a large experience in being on the coast, so we would like to offer you a line of recommendations for your fishing clothes and your tackle, so you and be successfull and enjoy your fishing from early morning to late evening.

Clothing (Winter, spring, fall):


Breathable waders with good strong wading boots, with good support for your feet, is the preferred choice for fishing on the coast, because we every day will be walking many kilometers in rough terrain on the coast.
Wading boots with rubber soles and spikes will give you a good grip on the slippery stones and make sure that you do not slip and fall over and make sure that you do not fall when you cross the fields on your way to your fishing spot.
Neoprene waders can only be recommended in the very coldest months of the year, and even here you can use the breathables with a good warm underwear.

Wading Jackets

A wading jacket should keep the wind and rain out and allow the excessive heat to transspire, when you have a long walk to your chosen fishing spot. Avoid jackets with an extreme number of pockets, and look for models where you can take only the most necessary items with you.

You can use a sling pack for the spare tackle you may find use for. You carry the sling pack on your bag during the fishing, and then you can sling it to your front when you change your gear or need your camera.


Use merino wool as your inner garment to keep you dry and warm no matter when you fish. Primaloft layering or fleece, for trouser and jacket will give you the most comfort during your fishing.

Guidelines for preserving the good fishing on Funen, and the local nature.

We are not fanatics, but to be able to enjoy a good fishing and the beautiful nature, it is important that we all join to look after them. If our children and grandchildren shall have a chance to experience the Seatrout Heaven on Funen, every little act counts.



For the spinfishing we recommend small trebles on spinning lures and woblers, as they hook better and do not inflict so much damage on the fish, which is important if you plan to release the fish. You may mount a release Connector, or similar hook system, to minimize damage to the fish.

Make the fight with fish as short as possible, and do not pull the fish on land, or hold the fish with dry hands. If you handle the fish in a wrong way, you may damage the slime and take off scales of the fish, you may do inrepparable damage to the fish and it may die.

We recommend the use of a landing net with a rubber netting and keep the fish in the water all the time. If you want to take a photo, ( the guides love to do that for you), lift it out of the water for a very short time, or keep it in the water and lift it to the surface. Then you have a memory for life and the fish can live on and perhabs give another angler a fine experience some other day.

Bringing home fish.

You are very welcome to bring home fish, we do that ourselves. But give the choice you make some thoughts.

Seatrout between 40 and 50 cms lenghts deserve to grow bigger, so enjoy the fight and put them back, unless you really want to bring home a fish.

Fish between 50 and 60 cm, are without any doubt the best fish to eat, and one is enough to feed the whole family or a good bunch of fishing buddies.

+ 60 cm
Fish of 60 + cms we call big fish. They are big and strong and a beautiful sight, and they are important for the fish stock to carry on the genes, come that time of year. If you choose to take home a fish in this category, you can with an extra good conscience put back the next in the same size. Doing that is good karma for your soul and you will certainly be amply rewarded on your trip.
Fish in this size are perfect for smoking or dry-cured (gravlax) seatrout.

A fish of 70cm+ is a dream fish. We all dream of fish in this size and on Funen you definitely do have the chance of hooking a dream fish like that, but in order to land it a number of things must combine for you to succeed. But when it happens, you are in Anglers Heaven and you can enjoy life in the most beautiful nature, maybe even in the company of good angling friends.

Remember that these big fish produce a lot of descendants and are extremely valuable in this respect. Such fish are too big for one meal, but if you bring it home and have it smoked, you can enjoy the delicious food and the good memories for a long time to come.

Remember that a photo will give you the same memory, but not the same culinary experience, of course. If you choose to put back a fish as large and beautiful as these, and you have a photo to give you good memories, you are close to walking on the water!

Catch & Release can be the ultimate experience to add to your fishing, but remember it is all up to you as seatrout angler.

Clean beaches - Plastic in the Basket.

You can help by taking home the garbage you see on your way along the fishing water, so we can keep our beautiful nature clean.

If we all bring home a little bit of garbage, we actually make a big difference out there and this will keep our nature clean and tidy. We all fight to keep the plastic away from our waters and the animals exposed to micro plastic in the oceans.

Thoughts like these may seem like drops in the ocean, but drops will turn into a puddle and puddles may end up as a river.

Tight lines

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