The Story behind

Fishing Lodge Fyn

It all began back in 1990, when the project Seatrout Funen was started. After 28 years of hard work from the authorities and volunteers, with the focus on improvement of the conditions of the seatrout, we have on Funen today a seatrout fishing in world class.

28 years later, on a day in 2018, 3 of the most energetic and sought after certified fishing guides meet for an unformal chat about the fishing on Funen. Even though they each run their professional companies with guiding and fishing courses, a common dream of creating the ultimate Fishing Lodge on Funen soon turns up.

With more than 50 years experience between them, running courses, teaching about fishing and guiding for thousands of hours both in Denmark and abroad, they have the optimal background for creating the environment and the products which visiting fishermen from all over the world are looking for.

Quality and professionalism from A – Z will be in the focus for the clients when they visit the ultimate fishing lodge in Denmark.

“Fishing Lodge Funen” will not measure the success of the client by the number of fish caught, but a mixture of Natures big package, where the wind, the water, the wildlife, the community along the water combine with the most unique fishing lodge in Denmark to create the optimal fishing experience for the client.

“Fishing Lodge Funen” is situated in the very best location.

With the rooms and surroundings of Broholm Castle as the base of the new fishing lodge, the history dates back to 1326, and in this way your stay will be shrouded in an atmosphere hardly to be found anywhere else.

In such unique surroundings, a new angling adventure can begin, and even Hans Christion Andersen would no doubt have written about this special place and the seatrout Eldorado waiting for the guests.

“Fishing Lodge Funen” is situatedonly a few minutes drive from the absolute best and most productive fishing spots on Funen. With the big islands of Tåsinge and Langeland close by, and with ferry departures for the smaller unique islands, this place is the perfect destination for the fisherman, who wants the chance to fish nomatter the time of year and the direction of the wind.

In this way, “Fishing Lodge Funen” can offer fishermen from all over the world a fishing season of 365 days and with a fishing preserve 360 degrees around the lodge, every fishing day will be a good day.

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn
Fishing Lodge Funen -a quality experience spreading rings in the water.

”Fishing Lodge Funen”can offer you as our client an experience beyond the usual at a very special price.

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

You will be staying in one of the free rooms at the castle, which is totally surrounded by the castle moat which with all the pike and the mist will give a very special atmosphere, and this will launch you on the fishing adventure of your life.

A delicious breakfast, eaten at the castle or brought to the fishing spot along with your lunch packet, will give you a good basis to concentrate 100% on the day`s fishing.

When you return to the Lodgeafter the fishing, you will be greeted by the historic beautifull buildings and a delicious evening meal. The kitchen staff is well aware of the importance of “recharging the batteries” with good food after a long and tiring day on the water.

”Fishing Lodge Funen” can offer you as our client the unique 360 degrees pike fishing in the moat during your stay. You can end a day`s saltwater fishing for seatrout by catching a pike of a lifetime, right outside your room on the fishing lodge.

Fishing Lodge Funen offers quality guide service

Special selected fishing guides can help you to the very best experiences during your stay. We cover all of Funen, Langeland and all the small island in the sea south of Funen. In our fast going boat you can be transported to some of the small islands and other hidden spots, where the fishing pressure is extremely small and where your guide knows exactly the right place.
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Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn
Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn
Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn
”Fishing Lodge Funen” welcomes you to the most beautiful and unique fishing lodge in Denmark.


Kenneth Birler, Claus Eklundh Christensen & Niklas Albrechtsen

Prince - King - Knight?

Rates from 93€ per night

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