A coastal sea trout fishing Eldorado - and a lot more

Fishing oppertuneities around Fishing Lodge Fyn

Fishing Lodge Funen is located at Broholm Slot, on Funen with easy access to coastal Sea trout fishing around Funen and the islands Langeland, Tåsinge and Ærø. The right place to be, if you love the shiny Sea Trout.

More than
km coastline

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

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There is no recipe

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

There is no fixed recipe for a fishing adventure at Fishing Lodge Fyn. But we can however offer the best prerequisites, no matter what you want to catch - or how you want to catct it


Discover and fish, from a fast moving boat

Our guides also offer the opportunity to fish from a fast moving boat, around the shore, visiting islands and secret Sea Trout hotspots.

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We offer excellent guide service

During your stay at the Fishing Lodge Fyn, you can take advantage of our guide service. They can help you find the Sea Trout hotspots, give advice and tips regarding the sometimes difficult Sea Trouts.

Boat fishing trips

Our guide service also offer boatfishing, moving quickly between the sea trout sites, or straight out fishing from the boat. Cod, flatfish, mackerel, etc. are also possible fishing prey. All guided tours can be arranged for groups and families up to 3-5 people.
Regardless of which type of fishing you prefer, it is highly recommended to consult our guide service. They arent shy to give good advice and may save you a lot of time.
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Get a better grip on your fishing trip

Consult with our guides

Our guide service

The four seasons for sea trout fishing on Funen

The Funen Sea Trout Eldorado offers 1100 km of coastal shore and almost 100 small islands and islets. Each season has its own charm, but have to be approached with different tactics.

Here som advice on these seasonal matters from our guides:

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