The silver of spring (Mar. - Apr.)

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

From March to May, you can find the seatrout in many different fishing spots on Funen. From the mud bottom to the open coast with big stones and deep water, but especially fishing the sand bars with the little bathing tubs can be terrific this time of year.

The fish will be a mixture of kelts, undersized trout and really beautiful silvery winterfish of 45 – 60 cm, fish that have skipped a spawning in the winter and will give the fisherman an unforgettable fight on the light gear.

This is the period where you will see most fishermen on Funen, but you can always find a spot that is not occupied. And the angler, who is willing to walk a little bit longer, is often rewarded with the best or the most fish.

In this period, you will normally find water temperature of 5 – 12 degrees.

As always, you must observe the protected areas. In the first part of March you will find both constant and temporary closed areas. And remember to put back the kelts, as they have no value on the table, and they deserve to grow on and be good and fat fish again, after spawning in the winter in the rivers of Funen.
“Fishing Lodge Funen” love this time of year, as everything in nature change from green to brown, golden and yellow. If you add to this fantastic scenery the most beautiful coloured or silvery seatrout, you will experience the best that autumn on Funen can offer you.

If your wish is to catch lots of silvery fish and meet other fishermen from all over the world, this period is definitely the right one to choose and the one we recommend at “Fishing Lodge Funen”

Tight lines - from the guides at Fishing Lodge Fyn

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