Spring Silver

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

Spring Silver

It is getting dark too early and the cold nights begin to dominate following the last wamth of the autumn, but also in this period can “ Fishing Lodge Funen” offer you a very fantastic period for seatrout fishing.

Most seatrout fishermen have put away their rod now, but in the coldest months there are a few very competent and dedicated seatrout fishermen, who spend their time fishing for the biggest and most silvery seatrout of the year.

“Fishing Lodge Funen” is situated in exactly the area where you have the best chance to catch and land the most beautiful seatrout - the trout that skips a spawning and stays in the sea during the winter. These trout often come from the deep water to feed near the coast.

They are fat, they are incredibly strong and they are silvery as a new coin, but of course there are fewer fish on the coast this time of year. But with day trips to the eastern part of Funen and Langeland with “Fishing Lodge Funen - Denmark” as the base, you have the best chance of success.

Forårets sølvtøj havørreden

This is the period for the most dedicated seatrout fishermen, who will accept a blank on the coast, to have a chance to hook and land the fish of a lifetime.

Again, you must be very observant of the protected areas as there are both constant and temporary closed areas this time of year. It isconsidered good style to handle coloured fish carefully.

Remember, coloured fish are legally protected between November 16. And January 15. The water temperature is often between 0 and 6 degrees and the fish will be a mixture of smaller silvery trout, and bigger beautiful fish 55 – 75 cm - could be the best trout you ever had. “Fishing Lodge Funen – Denmark” would like to recommend this period if you like to have all the water for your self. Even though there are fewer fish now, you have the chance to catch the best fish ever. TEAM FISHING LODGE FUNEN WELCOMES YOU TO THE SEATROUT ELDORADO OF FUNEN.

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