The moving Sea Trout (Aug. - Nov.)

Fishing Lodge Fyn - Fiskelodge Fyn

When summer draws to an end and the water cools down, the fishing begins after the moving trout of the autumn.

In September, the fishing is often best at the first light of dawn, but as autumn goes on, you can catch the seatrout all day long. Days with lots of wind and waves will often do the fishing good, and in these conditions the fish are not spooky and will often take well on colourfull spoons and flies.
The temperature will get lower and lower all the autumn, and in November it will be around 6 – 9 degrees.

The fish will be a mix of very coloured fish and lovely silvery seatrout, not on their way to the river at all. They just school up with the other seatrout at this time of year.

Again, you must observe the protected areas, as they can be both constant and temporary. It is also viewed as good style to handle the coloured fish carefully and return as many as possible.
Remember, the law states that the coloured seatrout are protected from Nov. 16 - January 15.

“Fishing Lodge Funen” love this time of year, as everything in nature change from green to brown, golden and yellow. If you add to this fantastic scenery the most beautiful coloured or silvery seatrout, you will experience the best that autumn on Funen can offer you.

We recommend this time of year, if you want to catch many fish and still enjoy the fantastic change of season and colour.

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