Seatrout Fishing in the summer

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Seatrout Fishing in the summer

As the water gets warmer and the days get longer and longer, the fishing changes. The seatrout get more golden and you will see the black spots more clearly. Fishing is often at its peak in the first or last light of the day, but also the dark hours of night can give good experiences with fish showing in the surface.

Often you will find bigger fish this time of year, which means that fish of 50 – 60 cm are quite common, and in the dark even bigger fish wait to be caught.

In this period the fishing will be best on the sand bar coasts and on the classical fishing spots with deep water, reefs and good current, not only because of the quick water change, but also because the seatrout simply tend to stay around here.

“Fishing Lodge Funen” can also recommend a trip on the coast or in our boat in the middle of the day, where you will not meet a lot of other fishermen. It is not impossible to catch seatrout from the coast of Funen in full sunshine. And your chances increase, if you have waves and wind, where you plan to fish.

A quiet sea, a full sun and sight fishing from a boat in shorts and T-shirts is a fantastic experience as well.

Normally, the water temperature is between 14 and 20 degrees in this period. As in the other periods, you must observe the protected areas. We of “Fishing Lodge Funen” recommend this period, if you want to avoid the biggest fishing pressure and still have a good and very different fishing in many different times of the day.


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